Navigating grief during COVID-19 

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The COVID-19 pandemic may be introducing new layers of loss – social isolation, disrupted routines and cancelled future plans, financial strain, illness, and perhaps death – to everyday life. On top of COVID-19 and its varying effects, you may be feeling loss and pain as you process the continued harm and injustice to Black communities. Experiencing or realizing the layers of oppression and systemic racism communities are facing within this ongoing pandemic is painful, complex, and full of grief. Grief is the response you have to losses in your life, and it is as unique as the individual experiencing it. No one else has the same emotional and physical connection, or story linked to the experience of your losses. 

You may be feeling a variety of feelings as well as experiencing these losses in different ways. Grief is complex and unique – and during COVID-19, even more so. Below are strategies and suggestions to consider as we navigate this complex time. 

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