Navigating a pandemic within a pandemic: Coping and care for Black communities 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

Prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, another crisis has been taking place for communities of color, particularly for Black individuals of all genders. We are facing ongoing racial trauma and distress that impact every aspect of daily life – including mental health. Racism is a public health emergency that affects us all. As we experience, educate, and encounter it on a systemic and institutional level, we must commit to taking care of ourselves and our communities as well. Below are several resources and ideas to consider: 

Determine what amount of engagement feels healthy for you 

Information, distressing stories, and media coverage are being shared more rapidly than ever. For many, these stories are not new but the level of intensity is. Everyone’s level of familiarity, experience, and response to this information will vary. Try to connect and process information in the ways that feel healthy for you. Witnessing and experiencing these scenes can bring an added layer of trauma (or re-traumatization) with it. 

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