New name for DHR division   

As the Benefits, Payroll and Retirement Operations Section of the Department of Executive Services (DES) gets set to join the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in 2021, DHR’s existing Employee Health and Safety Division (EHSD) will be renamed Central Employee Services Division (CESD), effective Jan. 1, 2021.  

This change will more accurately reflect the full suite of services that the expanded division will provide beginning next year.  

Employees in BPROS and EHSD took part in a survey to name the division. While Employee Services Division (ESD) received the highest number of votes (34%), some expressed concern that it could be confused with Employment Security Department (ESD). In addition, Transit has an Employee Services Division, which could lead to more confusion. DES Director Caroline Whalen and DHR Director Jay Osborne agreed, and approved CESD, which had the second highest votes at 31%. In fact, the top three names where all minor deviations of each other and showed 85% agreement, a great sign of aligned thinking.