Support setting up remote workspaces 

Many King County employees are teleworking through July 5, 2021, as we try to limit the transmission of the novel coronavirus and slow its spread.

Remote work has its challenges. To support teleworking employees, King County will provide assistance, where needed, with equipment to support telework. This assistance may take four forms:

  • Taking equipment home from work
  • Purchase of home office equipment
  • Furniture, equipment, or supplies for a medical accommodation
  • Connectivity support

Necessary furniture and equipment can be purchased prior to the end of 2020, and the County will provide computers and technology to support teleworking. Employees can procure necessary office furniture and equipment through County supply contracts and/or purchasing cards (P-Cards) with supervisor approval. Purchases should be made through the standard work group protocol via blanket contracts or other vendors that include delivery to the telework site.

Any purchases related to setting up and operating a telework office must be approved by supervisors in advance, documented, and reported for reimbursement to the County. Expenditures associated with teleworking are eligible for federal COVID-19 reimbursement to the County through Dec. 30, 2020. Federal COVID-19 reimbursement to the county may not be available after Dec. 30, 2020, for furniture for teleworking spaces.

It can be challenging to maintain good ergonomic practices when working away from the office. For information on ergonomic resources and assistance while working remotely, please visit King County’s Ergonomic Evaluation website. If you need assistance with the ergonomics of your home workstation, first complete the self-assessment checklists on the website. If you have a medical restriction and/or require an accommodation related to your home workstation, please request an ergonomic evaluation (requires SharePoint login).

These guidelines apply to employees hired before September 1, 2020 who anticipated working from County facilities and are now primarily teleworking. For more details, please see page 6 of the Guidance for Workforce, Operations, and Customer Service Recovery.