One-stop website offers resources for employees facing layoff 

Preparing for a layoff is a difficult and stressful time, and finding accurate and supportive information is important. King County provides a range of resources to support you during this time, including stress, career support, and other support services, and you can access all of them through our new one-stop Layoff Support Resources 

This website shares information about benefits, pay, and retirement; programs that can help you land a new job; and mental health and well-being resources, so you have the tools you need as you transition from King County employment. 

The resources are divided into four categories: 

  • Layoff programs, including Career Support Services and Priority Placement Program 
  • Mental health and well-beingincluding wellness programs offered by Balanced You, as well as Making Life Easier and the Employee Assistance Program 
  • Benefits and financial resourceswith information on benefits, pay, insurance, and more 
  • Learn from home, including training and eLearning classes. 

If you are facing a layoff, the Layoff Support Resources website is there to help you navigate a time of change and stress.