COVID-19 frontline charities 

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You asked for it, and we created it. A highly requested list for this years Employee Giving Program was non-profits who are actively serving those affected by COVID-19. 

This above link to the comprehensive list is the result of a collaborative, cross-departmental effort to uplift EGP nonprofits that are working with communities who have been particularly impacted by COVID-19/are “on the frontlines.” This workgroup is centered on mutual support of each other as Ambassadors and of the community. The group has taken a broad, inclusive approach to identify the focus areas (still broad in scope): BIPOC, immigrant & refugee, LGBTQ+ communities, and industries/workers who have been impacted. Additionally the group cross-referenced EGP listings with a local, community-generated list of nonprofits engaged in COVID emergency response for inclusion. 

Browse the comprehensive list here 

We plan to feature organizations weekly that are actively aiding in the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are five organizations that we love! 

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