Donated emergency leave helps hundreds of employees affected by COVID-19

Employees across King County responded to the call to support one another during the COVID-19 pandemic by donating leave. As of November 13, nearly 285 King County employees donated sick and vacation leave valued at $774,687. Their generous donations have benefited more than 300 employees in need who’ve been granted 23,162 hours of emergency leave so far this year. 

Some employees have been impacted by COVID-19 more than others and exhausted their paid leave. Access to donated leave has helped them focus on recovering their health or caring for loved ones.  

“COVID-19 has been challenging for our community and our employees,” Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer for King County said. “I’m inspired to see so many generous individuals donate leave to their coworkers who’ve been impacted by these terrible events.” 

The Emergency Leave Donation program was launched in early April in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is one of a number of new County programs that is helping employees navigate these difficult times. 

The COVID-19 pandemic may extend for months. Employees interested in supporting their colleagues who have been affected by COVID-19 can help by donating accrued sick and vacation leave to the Emergency Leave Donation Fund. 

“This virus will be with us for some time to come. It’s important that we not only take care of ourselves but also each other,” Abrams said. 

Every donation matters and will help a King County employee in need. This is an especially good option for employees who find themselves in a use-it-or-lose-it situation with an excess vacation balance at the end of the year. 

How to donate leave 

Employees with eligible sick or vacation leave may donate their accrued leave in PeopleSoft. Learn how by viewing this PeopleSoft Emergency Leave Donation guide (SharePoint), or viewing this short video from the King County Business Resource Center to help with PeopleSoft entries. 

Alternatively, employees can fill out and submit the Emergency Leave Donation Form. Donors are limited to donations of 80 hours of sick leave and 80 hours of vacation leave (or BTO leave) to the Emergency Leave Donation Fund in a calendar year, unless the donor’s department director approves a greater amount. 

How to request donations 

Employees who need leave due to a COVID-19 related absence can request paid leave using the Emergency Leave Request Form

This program is available to all employees except Superior Court and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, which manage their own programs. 

For more information, visit the Emergency Leave Donation website.