Three easy steps to file your 2020 records

Sure a lot has changed in 2020, but all King County employees are still required to file public records in Content Manager (even if you’re working from home). Complete these easy steps and cross electronic records management off your “to do” list:

  1. Delete transitory records from your inbox, SharePoint, or drives.
  2. File records with 2020 year-end cutoff dates into Content Manager. Your records will count toward your agency’s year-end filing stats. Don’t know the retention period for your records? See the King County Retention Schedules.
  3. Set up your folders for records with a 2021 year-end cutoff date in Outlook, SharePoint, and Content Manager.

“Records management is an employee responsibility all year long, but year end is a great time to clean up and start fresh in the new year,” Lisa Mankin, Records Management Analyst, said.

As King County continues to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, much of the county workforce is either adapting to long-term telework or facing space consolidations and office moves. So what do you do with the paper records left in your office?

Some agencies have decided to “scan and toss.” A blanket Disposition After Digitization now allows agencies, including those transitioning to work from home, the ability to scan and toss certain types of records as long as they meet the Washington State imaging standards.

“Digitizing paper records can be a time-consuming task, but this solution has the benefit of reducing your file room size and makes records more accessible for employees working remotely,” Mankin said.

Here are additional resources to help employees facing office moves or transitioning to long-term telework:

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