Countywide web refresh will help users quickly, easily access information and King County services

Big changes are coming to King County’s web experience. The King County Website Refresh project aims to modernize the existing King County website experience to create a better user experience, align with the County’s mission and provide easy access to content. is the primary source of information for community members, employees, agencies and the general public. However, the current site doesn’t fully reflect King County’s mission to provide quality local and regional services to the community, largely because some information is difficult to find and understand. 

A major goal of the new site is to provide residents with a fast, convenient and equitable user-centered experience. Information will be easier to find, navigate and understand, thanks to:  

  • A modern design, site structure and navigation that reflect current best practices and focuses on King County services and initiatives.  
  • Universal templates that provide a consistent experience for the public.  
  • Plain language content written for fifth through eighth grade reading levels. 
  • Easy translation into the most spoken languages in King County and the ability to bring on new languages.  
  • Design and content that serves communities and individuals in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.  

Ultimately, these changes will better serve our community residents with a website that puts them first. While the site is still under development, you can get a sense of the new design and see the latest example of what will be the new home page at 

For more information about the Refresh project, visit SharePoint, or subscribe to the newsletter here. If you have questions, please contact KCIT.