We’ve moved to a better, more modern standard Internet browser

Many of us at King County recently were moved to the Modern Edge browser, which is faster and runs all web applications previously accessed with Internet Explorer and Edge Legacy. The move doesn’t impact any other browsers employees may currently have on their devices, such as Chrome or Firefox. 

Last week, a vendor inadvertently hastened the move to the Modern Edge browser by changing settings for many county users. This meant if you previously had Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you were moved to Microsoft Modern Edge ahead of KCIT’s schedule. We regret users didn’t receive advance notice. However, all employees need the Modern Browser to work more effectively with applications and web-based content. 

 Here is some information to help with the move to the new browser:  

Below are icons for the different browsers: 

With the first launch of Modern Edge you’ll see the screen below. 

  • It’s now safe to sync your settings. 

You may also be prompted to import your Favorites and set Modern Edge as your default browser. This is encouraged as it is the new standard browser for King County. 

  • Training for the Modern Edge browser is available here

Other users will be moved starting Jan. 22. A revised schedule for browser updates will be communicated once it is complete; anyone who was not moved will be notified when the changes occur.