Celebrating you during Public Service Recognition Week

from Dow Constantine, King County Executive

Dow Constantine

Over the past year-plus, as the nation and world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of public servants has come into clearer focus. I want to take the opportunity this week during Public Service Recognition Week to thank you for your service.

When the pandemic struck, you stepped up to make sure that our community continued to receive the vital in-person services people count on. Our public health professionals, supported by employees and community partners across King County, provided guidance and care to help our residents protect themselves and their families from the virus. Now they are partnering again – to vaccinate our region at record rates. Other employees adjusted the way they delivered services – in-person and remotely – to ensure that people could access the support they needed while slowing the spread of COVID-19. However you have been helping to serve the people of King County during our COVID-19 response, please know that I am grateful for your efforts.

We are still in a precarious phase of this pandemic. Our vaccination program has been extremely successful, with two-thirds of King County adults already receiving their first dose, and nearly half fully vaccinated. Yet the virus continues to spread at concerning rates, and we must remain vigilant to slow its spread and end this pandemic.

This remains a challenging time, one with a lot of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. I know we are all anxiously awaiting a return to our normal lives. An end to the pandemic is in sight and I know that by working together and supporting one another we will get there.

I am grateful for everything that you do for the people of King County. I have never been more proud to lead this County and to be your colleague in public service.