Future of Work: Workstations, IT, and Office Use

A newly created intranet site, The Future of Work, is King County’s employee resource website for all information and tools to help employees return to work. The section, Workstations, IT, and Office Use, provides employees who are working on-site with guidance on hybrid working models, shared work spaces, office necessities, and file management.

King County departments with employees on-site and working remotely can continue to use Teams to connect and collaborate from wherever they’re working. IT solutions are available to ensure all employees are successful in this new hybrid work environment and achieve a positive work/life balance.

Regarding shared workspaces, KCIT is developing a new tool for scheduling a shared workstation initially in the Chinook Building and King Street Center. This reservation systems will be web-based and customized for each department to help secure workspaces for returning employees. ​​​​​ Facilities Management Division (FMD) is working with departments and agencies to design specific spaces for use.

Employees should also plan to bring their laptop, headset, and power supply for both, as most workspaces will only offer a docking station, one monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Cubicles will be equipped with electronic sit/stand desks and chairs. Printers and scanners will be available for employees to connect with, and spaces to store and lock away personal items in shared desks/workspaces will be available.

Finally, employees are encouraged to rely on digitized records and digital processes wherever possible, instead of taking paper files to their home for work. County records are public records and must be retained and made accessible to the public in accordance with state laws. Compliance with these laws is not possible when employees take public records home and puts sensitive information at risk. Employees with concerns about performing their job duties with digital files are asked to contact their Agency Records Officer or reach out to the Records Management Program at recordsmanagement@kinggounty.gov.

For more information about this process and how King County is addressing services and operations beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the Future of Work intranet site.