Changes coming to PeopleSoft – new login and security requirements

Starting Monday, Nov. 22, you will be prompted to log in to PeopleSoft using your King County network username and password. This streamlined login experience gives you one less password to manage and better protects your PeopleSoft account from cyber attacks using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security, also called “two-step verification.”

For employees currently enrolled in MFA, no additional action is necessary.  If you are not currently enrolled in MFA, you should do so immediately to maintain access to PeopleSoft. Executive branch employees should contact the KCIT Helpdesk. Employees in other branches of county government may contact their agency’s IT support.

Review this quick reference guide for more information about logging in to PeopleSoft with King County’s single sign on and MFA.

How Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) safeguards your information

Ninety-nine percent of organizations that experience cyber security issues don’t use Multi-Factor Authentication, also called “two-step verification.” That’s why King County requires MFA when you log in to Microsoft apps such as Outlook or Teams, and is expanding this important security measure to other web-based apps. In addition to your regular username and password, you must also verify your identity by responding to an MFA security challenge sent to a separate device, such a cell phone or digital fob. ​​​​​​​Your information is safer because thieves would need to steal both your password and your phone or fob, making it harder for bad guys to log in as if they were you.

For assistance, Executive branch employees should contact the KCIT Helpdesk. Employees not in the Executive branch can contact their department IT support.

Thank you for keeping King County safe from cyber attacks.