N95 masks for employees working onsite

King County is making N95 masks available to employees who are required to be onsite for voluntary use as we continue to monitor the rise of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

All King County department and division leaders have been provided with information on ordering N95 masks, and these masks will be available soon for onsite employees to request.

If you would like to request a N95 mask for voluntary onsite use, please contact your supervisor.

Before using a N95 mask, please ensure that you read the information below on voluntary use of respirators (N95/KN95).

Information for Employees Who Voluntarily Use Respirators (N95/KN95 masks)

When providing these N95s for voluntary use by on-site employees, each must be provided with the following information:

  • Wearing an N95 may put additional stress on your heart and lungs; respirators should be worn with caution, and you might want to get advice from your personal physician or a medical professional prior to wearing one. If you have any trouble breathing or other related symptoms, you should stop wearing this type of respiratory protection and wear a disposable facemask or cloth face covering instead.
  • Important information about masks can be found at this Public Health Insider blog post: It’s time to refresh your mask supply (publichealthinsider.com)
  • Regardless of the type of mask worn, follow these guidelines:
    • To protect yourself, wear face coverings properly.
    • Your mask should cover your nose and mouth at all times.
    • Always wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before you put on a face covering and after removing it.
    • Change your face covering when it gets moist.
    • Wash your face covering after each use.
  • Snug-fitting masks provide excellent protection.
    • Make sure masks fit snugly against your face. Gaps can let air with respiratory droplets leak in and around the edges of the mask.
    • Use a cloth mask with multiple layers of fabric, or wear a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.
    • Choose masks with a nose wire or mask fitter
    • For visuals of these tips, visit the CDC’s guidance for improved mask use.

Additional COVID-specific information from the WA Department of Labor & Industries can be found at: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Workplace Safety & Health (wa.gov).