Celebrating you during Public Service Recognition Week

This week we celebrate your work and the work of every public servant during Public Service Recognition Week, May 1 – 7, 2022. 

We all come to public service from different places, bringing with us our unique perspectives, experiences, and skills. The work we do varies tremendously, but we are united by a desire to serve our community and make things better for the people who live here today, and for those who will follow. 

This has never been more evident than during the COVID-19 pandemic. When our region was the first in the country to experience a COVID-19 outbreak, we showed what we can achieve when we listen to experts, base decisions on science, and unite our efforts to achieve a shared goal. We adjusted the way we delivered services – in-person and remotely – to ensure that people could access the support they needed while slowing the spread of COVID-19. 

Together, we saved thousands of lives because collectively, were willing to do the simple, sensible things to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and folks we didn’t even know. Because we cared about more than ourselves and worked together. That’s the power of public service. 

And the pandemic hasn’t stopped us from doing the work we all came to King County to do. We’ve continued to deliver on our priorities for the people of this region and we will keep on delivering. 

Thank you for everything that you do for the people of King County. I am proud to lead this County and proud to be your colleague in public service.


Dow Constantine, King County Executive