The intern experience at King County International Airport

Originally posted in Plane Talk

Getting an internship at King County International Airport (KCIA) provides a unique opportunity for high school, college, and graduate students. Key Brewer, Landin Reibram, Chloe Sow, Inayah Farooqi, Elijah Jones, Vaibhavi Lakshmi, Sierra Sellers, and Rares Neagu have joined the team this year to add valuable on-the-job experience to their educations, as well as some fun.

One of the benefits of an internship at KCIA is getting to tour the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) station and get some hands-on experience. Above, at left, Elijah Jones gets to practice with a fire hose. Center, Inayah Farooqi and Jones with an ARFF rig. At right, Sergeant Clint Herman shows Farooqi a drill tool that can tear through many types of material so that fire fighters can get access.

Staff recruit future interns at American Association of Airport Executives career fair

Kevin Nuechterlein (l) and Matt Sykora talk to prospective interns about KCIA’s internship program

KCIA internships are highly sought-after positions. Finding the right people for these roles is a mixture of public relations and recruiting. Airport employees recently talked with about 75 students at the American Association of Airport Executives student career fair. This event gave KCIA the chance to tell prospective interns about KCIA’s internship program, discuss what type of work is done at the airport, as well as review students’ resumes and gave tips for improvement.