Temporary subsidized employee parking ends September 2

The temporary subsidized daily and monthly parking for employees at the two downtown garages (Goat Hill and King Street Center) will end on September 2. After that date, the standard employee rates will apply, as follows:

All-Day Parking


Hourly Parking

HoursKing County Employee Rate With ID
0 to .5$4
.5 to 1$7
1 to 1.5$8
1.5 to 2$11
2 to 3$12
3 to 4$14
4 to 5$15
5 to 6$16
6 to 7$19
7 to 24$20
Evening (applies from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.)Up to 3 hours: $7
More than 3 hours and before 9:30 p.m.: $8
(flat rate)
Standard Hourly Employee Parking Rates at Goat Hill and King Street Center Garages

Monthly Parking

For employees who want to enroll in monthly parking, please read and complete a King County Employee Parking Application. The agreement details all available options, as well as employee garage parking policies. Completed applications should be submitted to FMD Parking Operations (fmdpo@kingcounty.gov) for processing.

If you are currently enrolled as a subsidized monthly parker via payroll deduction and want to continue under the standard rates, you will need to re-apply for monthly parking access. All current deductions and parking access will expire on August 31.

Electric Vehicle$210
Standard Monthly Employee Parking Rates at Goat Hill and King Street Center Garages

Pay Per Use Parking

Pay Per Use parking allows you the convenience of a 24/7 access card, without the commitment and cost of monthly parking. Once your account has been set up with a credit card placed on file, your total daily transactions will be charged at the end of the month. To enroll, select the Self Paid and 24/7 Pay Per Use boxes on the Parking Application.

For questions or further information, please contact FMD Parking Operations at fmdpo@kingcounty.gov.