Metro Vanpool – a flexible, convenient, enjoyable commute!

Whether you’re traveling to your worksite full-time or working a hybrid schedule, King County Metro Vanpool can save you time and money, and improve your commute. Best of all, your Employee Transportation Program (ETP) covers everything – the van, gas, tolls, insurance, emergency ride home and more –so you pay nothing out-of-pocket!

Vanpool is a consistent group of people — such as co-workers, neighbors, family or friends — who share a similar commute route and work schedule. It takes just three or more people to start a vanpool, with the members sharing the driving and record-keeping roles to make the vanpool run smoothly.

Vanpool is flexible. Vanpoolers may ride just a few days a week, ride only one way, ride in two separate vans to accommodate a longer workday, or combine a bike plus a vanpool commute. For commuters working a hybrid schedule, they can operate the van just three days a week. Groups may also find more people from the same neighborhood or gather at a park-and-ride to share a vanpool operating a five-day or seven-day schedule with some riders joining the van on flexible days. For instance, several riders could commute only Tuesdays and Thursdays with others riding Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and some commuting weekend schedules.

We didn’t realize how convenient it really is. Because everyone shares the responsibilities, it eases the burden of commuting.”  – Vanpool 6123

With high gas prices and increasing highway congestion, Vanpool is a great commute option. Metro Vanpools save money and reduce stress with group members sharing the driving role, getting to work faster using HOV lanes and eliminating the cost of tolls. While vanpool groups often split any parking fees, depending on their worksite location, many King County worksites have free, reserved vanpool parking. 

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