Metromance: Two bus operators who drove straight to a fairytale!

Cross-posted from Metro Matters

The year was 1981. Paul Schwartz and Debra Revere were both assigned to the Ryerson Base in Seattle. Paul had begun driving for Metro in 1979 and Debra in 1980. In a truly perfect Metro moment, the two met in the base bullpen (the lobby for operators). Their first conversation: Discussing Paul’s selection as Operator of the Month.

In July of 1982, Debra sent a request to the popular live NPR radio program “A Prairie Home Companion” to have Paul wished a happy birthday during the broadcast. During the broadcast, she was initially disappointed that the radio program didn’t wish Paul a happy birthday during that segment of the program. But then came a happy shock: Prairie Home Companion musicians wrote and performed an original song celebrating the couple. Read more.