Sheriff’s Office Detective prevents overdose at Burien Transit Center

From the Sheriff’s Newsletter

On Feb. 10, Metro Transit Resource Officer (TRO) Michael Ramirez conducted a routine patrol at the Burien Transit Center (BTC). The BTC has been the focus of weekly directed patrol missions due to crime and narcotic use in the area.

While patrolling the BTC, Ramirez – a Sheriff’s Office Detective – observed a male slumped over in a wheelchair.

Concerned, Detective Ramirez checked on him and, through training and experience, found that the person had noticeable agonal breathing and was likely overdosing on a narcotic (presumed fentanyl). Detective Ramirez acted quickly and administered Narcan while checking the patient’s pulse.

As he summoned aid, Detective Ramirez remained with the male until they arrived. Medics administered several additional doses of Narcan to the patient while intubating him and ultimately transporting him to St. Anne’s Hospital with a pulse.

Detective Ramirez’s instincts and passion for community service, without question, prolonged the man’s life while limiting negative exposure to Metro passengers and community members.

We are proud of Detective Ramirez, who takes pride in his work and his duties to serve the people of King County and the Metro Transit System.