Salvation Army and Sheriff’s Office collaborate to help family living in vehicle

From the Sheriff’s Newsletter

In the early morning hours of Feb. 16, Master Police Officer (MPO) Omar Jackson contacted the occupants of a vehicle parked outside a gas station-car wash- laundromat. He learned that a family of seven was living in that car.

In speaking with the father, MPO Jackson was told that recently the entire family had moved to the area from the southeast and the father had also lost his job. As an experienced tradesman, he was willing and able to work.

The five kids ranged in age from two months to eight years. MPO Jackson and Mental Health Professional (MHP) Daisy Espinoza reached out to the Salvation Army Street Level team to assist the family. The Salvation Army coordinated a hotel stay for them until they move into their new home.

MHP Espinoza and MPO Jackson later met with the family of seven at the Salvation Army Street Level office in Tukwila. They provided them with a week’s worth of food, baby formula, and diapers. Initially, the father was hesitant, but MPO Jackson let the man know that he would try to connect them with the services they so badly needed. Eventually, he was accepting of the combined efforts and follow-through. The Salvation Army even coordinated a job interview for the father.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank everyone involved. This collaborative effort shows the effectiveness of working with the Salvation Army’s Street Level team to help those needing services.