Recognizing DAJD staff during National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

Please join us in acknowledging National Correctional Officers and Employees Week from May 7 to 13.

This is a special opportunity to honor the Corrections Officers, Juvenile Detention Officers, and staff in other varied positions at King County’s Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention (DAJD). These professionals are responsible for operating safe, secure, and humane detention facilities and community corrections programs.

National Correctional Officers Week started in 1984. In 1996, Congress officially modified it to “National Correctional Officers and Employees Week.”

DAJD’s employees often encounter people at the worst time in their lives, after they’ve entered the criminal legal system. DAJD is entrusted with a crucial and challenging role at the intersection of public safety, public health, and the courts. Too often, the compassion DAJD professionals bring to their jobs goes unnoticed. During National Correctional Officers and Employees Week, King County recognizes and appreciates the hard work of DAJD staff as they diligently serve our community and help save and change lives for the better.