Employee survey revised to better hear from you! 

How can we make King County work better for you? We use the annual Employee Engagement Survey to hear from you about changes you want to see here at King County.  Employees who participated in the survey over the last three years have helped us make King County a better place to work, and a more effective service provider for our residents.  This year we’re making some enhancements to make the survey work better for everyone:  The survey is shorter.   Analysis will be done in house.  There will be more ways to take… Read More

Enhancements coming to 2019 employee survey 

Since 2015, the annual Employee Engagement Survey has been used to hear from employees about how to make King County a better place to work, and how to provide services more effectively to residents. The learnings form the basis of Investing in YOU, a strategy to build a workplace where employees have the tools, support, and opportunity to do their best work.   Four years into this journey, it’s time to reflect, learn and look at where improvements can be made. 2019 will bring some exciting changes and a relationship with a new vendor,… Read More

Featured Training: Lean Problem-Solving Basics and Introduction to Career Development,

Lean Problem-Solving Basics, Feb. 5: Do you feel like you tackle the same problems over and over again? In order to effectively solve problems once and for all, they must be solved at the root! Attendees will learn basic A3 Problem Solving, the powerful method borrowed from the Toyota Production System (TPS), learn techniques to incorporate problem solving and continuous improvement in daily work and build on existing Lean practices within your organization. Register and learn more.  Introduction to Career Development, Feb. 5: In this workshop you will learn the key elements of career development,… Read More

DPD offers Public Defense 101 Training to administrative staff 

Several employees at the Department of Public Defense (DPD) took advantage of the department’s first Public Defense 101 trainings in December, an opportunity for administrative staff to learn the nuts and bolts of public defense. Two 90-minute sessions were held, one for staff in Seattle and another for staff in Kent, led by three members of DPD’s management team – Katherine Hurley, Tara Urs, and Adrien Leavitt. The three attorneys discussed many aspects of public defense as it is practiced in King County – from how the department is set up, to the… Read More

Did you know you had this benefit? Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) 

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can help you save an average of 30% on certain medical care and dependent care expenses by using pre-tax dollars. Learn more here.

Did you know you had this benefit? Third medical plan option KingCare Select 

King County introduced this option earlier this year, which joins KingCare and Kaiser Permanente’s SmartCare Connect as one of three medical plan options available to King County employees. Learn more here.

Training Spotlight: Conflict Awareness and Introduction to Mindfulness

Conflict Awareness, Jan. 25: We all encounter difficult people. Whether you are a supervisor, a customer service professional, or have a challenging co-worker, it’s important to know how to rise above your initial emotional reaction and turn negative situations into positive outcomes. Topics include understanding why we label people as difficult, types of difficult people, tools and techniques for resolving issues, coping strategies for dealing with the effects of difficult people, and conflict management strategies. Read more and register.  Introduction to Mindfulness, Feb. 14: In this workshop we will review the various aspects of mindfulness practice,… Read More

Training Spotlight: How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times, Lean Basics and Introduction to Career Development

How to Navigate Amidst Overwhelming Times, Dec. 11: The King County Office of Equity and Social Justice is hosting a workshop that centers on the lived experiences of native employees and employees of color. This session will pay special attention to the intersection of trauma and oppression especially that of indigenous and people of color lived experience and background. This will be a large a cross disciplinary gathering that works towards building a critical mass of those striving for sustainability. Register and learn more, use password affinitygroup.  Lean Basics, Jan. 8: Have you heard about… Read More

Did you know you had this benefit? Volunteer sick days  

King County will pay you to volunteer: Eligible employees may use up to three days of sick leave each year to volunteer at any local school or any nonprofit organization participating in the King County Employee Giving Program. Learn more here.

What is Lean? A quick refresher 

Lean is a way to solve problems. With Lean thinking, we can address issues like unmet customer demand, or unexpected ‘fires’ at work. Using Lean can also help us achieve our goals of delivering more value to our customers.  The foundation of Lean is continuous improvement and respect for people. These are mutually reinforcing: we develop continuous improvement by building a culture of respecting the people who do the work as the experts. A Lean organization develops and engages all employees as learners, as thinkers, and as the source of continuous improvement. Respect for people… Read More