Join Balanced You for a Panel Discussion on Suicide Awareness and Prevention, September 22 

In honor of Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month, King County employees are invited to join Balanced You for a virtual panel discussion featuring speakers from the Native American community, LGBTQ community, Black/African community, and others. The event will provide an opportunity for King County employees to normalize the conversation around mental health, learn how to identify early warning signs of suicidal ideation, and learn more about resources available to support the mental health of employees and their loved ones. We hope you will join us for this important discussion.  Tuesday, Sept. 22,… Read More

Automated, online Employment and Income Verification services available to all employees

We want to remind you that all King County employees can use InVerify, an Income and Employment Verification service, to access verification of County employment. In order to better serve you, King County has partnered with InVerify to meet all of your verification of employment needs. By automating this process, we are ensuring speedy, secure, auditable, and legally compliant responses to assist you in obtaining: Loans, home mortgages, new jobs, rental qualifications, and Social Service benefits such as temporary assistance, housing assistance, child support, or nutrition assistance. It’s one more way we’re Investing… Read More

Making Life Easier for King County employees 

King County provides mental health programs to help employees and their family cope with the personal outcomes of tragedies, stress, change, or trauma. The Making Life Easier Program (MLE) is one free resource that is available for employees to use when experiencing difficult situations.  MLE offers support with various services, such as free mental health counseling to address any issue, financial advising, credit and legal consultation, support for alcohol and drug dependency, and childcare and elderly services. Interactions are confidential and the program’s flexibility lets you request a counselor by race, ethnicity,… Read More

We’re listening to employees to support employees 

The King County value “We respect all people,” encourages us to actively seek to learn and understand all perspectives, beliefs, and values, engage people in decisions affecting them, and recognize all people for their contributions and accomplishments. This has never been more important than during our COVID-19 response.  With this in mind, and to more fully understand the impacts of COVID-19 on employees,  more than 1,000 randomly selected Executive branch employees participated in a survey or listening session in May 2020 to share their experiences and opinions.   This opportunity allowed employees from… Read More

July and August Mindfulness Class Schedule now available 

As we continue to maneuver through this very difficult time in our society, it is important that we manage our mental health and stress levels. Balanced You heard from employees that mindfulness classes have helped alleviate some of the anxiety many are experiencing, so we are continuing to provide these classes through August.  What is mindfulness?   Mindfulness is a practice that uses breath work, visualization, and other skills to support you in reducing stress at work and at home. Mindfulness techniques are especially useful now, as we move through the uncertainty of… Read More

FSA rules relaxed in response to COVID-19 

During Open Enrollment last year, you may have elected a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to have money taken from your paycheck, pretax, to pay for dependent day care or certain medical expenses not covered by your health plan. Now, your expenses may have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the IRS has relaxed rules pertaining to Health Care and Dependent Day Care FSAs. These changes are effective through the end of 2020. Increase or decrease your FSA contribution If you have a Health Care or Dependent Day Care FSA, you can… Read More

Mentoring Lunch and Learn online session, May 26 

Would you like to have a mentor, someone who can help you grow professionally? Do you want to strengthen your coaching skills? As a Mentee, you will have a trusted advisor who can help you navigate complex situations, and as a Mentor, you can uncover new or forgotten skills and build influence. If the thought excites you, join King County’s Mentoring Program by signing up for a monthly online sessions to uncover more about mentoring and search for a Mentor,  Tuesday, May 26, 2020 from noon to 1 p.m., register here.  This session is live via Zoom…. Read More

Celebrating successful elections and honoring employees for Administrative Professionals Day 

King County Elections held a virtual celebration to recognize the completion of four elections in February and March, as well as honor Administrative Professionals Day. Elections recognized the value of their administrative professionals pictured here: Robin Blake, Liwen (Lulu) Liu, and Alvin Dela Cruz. 

Mental Health Month week two: Creating healthy routines 

For the second week of Mental Health Month, Balanced You is focusing on the topic “creating healthy routines.” Many of our routines including nutrition, physical activity, social connection, and rest have been upended by the pandemic. Maintaining our old routines may be impossible, due to new work schedules, social distancing rules, or stress levels. As we settle into this new normal, it is important that we develop new, sustainable routines in order to support our physical and mental health.  Routines we develop during the pandemic may not be as ambitious as our… Read More

Mental Health Month week one: Owning your feelings 

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. It also influences how we cope with stress, make healthy choices, and relate to others. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and, due to the stress brought on by COVID-19, this is a particularly important year to focus on this aspect of well-being.  Balanced You is here to support employees and their loved ones in taking care of their mental health. During the month of May, Balanced You will focus communications on mental health tips and resources.  For the first week of Mental… Read More