Training Spotlight: La Cultura Cura Philosophy Overview

La Cultura Cura Philosophy Overview, Sept. 17: The National Compadres Network in partnership with King County’s Office of Equity and Social Justice presents La Cultura Cura Philisophy Overview: A Training on the National Compadres Network Healing Informed Philosophy and Framework with Jerry Tello. La Cultura Cura is a transformative health, learning, justice, and healing philosophy that recognizes that within individuals’, families’ and communities’ authentic cultural values, traditions and indigenous practices exist the path to healthy development, restoration and lifelong well-being. Register and learn more.  View more training and development opportunities at

Automated, online Employment and Income Verification services now available to all employees 

In order to better serve you, King County has partnered with InVerify, an Income and Employment Verification service, to meet all of your verification of employment needs. By automating this process, we are ensuring speedy, secure, auditable, and legally compliant responses to assist you in obtaining:  Loans, home mortgages, new jobs, rental qualifications, and  Social Service benefits such as temporary assistance, housing assistance, child support, or nutrition assistance.  It’s one more way we’re Investing in YOU by providing workplace processes and systems that support you. For more information, or to access employment verification self-service, visit our Verification… Read More

From the Hip: Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer 

Why our True North and Values are important   When King County employees talk about why they chose to work here, the answers tend to be pretty similar: “I want to help my community.” “I want to make a difference in people’s lives.” “I want to do the work I really care about.” It’s no surprise that these responses are closely aligned with our True North – Making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive – because it’s a vision that succinctly captures the work that we do and why we do… Read More

True North and values to guide our work

You may have heard me talk about what I call our True North: Making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive. The True North is our “why,” what ties our work together, and what drives us do our best each and every day. Today I am launching our eight Executive Branch values that we will use to guide our actions and decision-making, and help us achieve our True North. They are the next step in our work of building a workplace culture of respect, innovation, and performance excellence. The eight values represent what is important to us as an organization – what we believe in, what we stand… Read More

King County named a “Best-in-State Employer” for 2019

Last month, King County was named to Forbes magazine’s list of “America’s Best-In-State Employers 2019.” King County was ranked number 16 on the list of best employers in Washington after a survey of more than 80,000 people nationwide. This recognition shows that we are making progress on our Investing in YOU strategy and our efforts to build a workplace culture of respect, innovation, and performance excellence. It also reinforces what we heard in our latest employee engagement survey, in which 79% of employees said they would recommend King County as a great place… Read More

Learn how to boost your retirement savings     

You and your spouse or significant other are invited to learn more about saving for retirement with the King County Deferred Compensation Plan.  Several in-person sessions are coming up July 30, July 31, and Aug. 1. See details and registration. Other education sessions are offered throughout the year.   For more information about Deferred Compensation Plan education—including webinars—go to the Deferred Compensation web page.    If you have any questions, please contact KC Deferred Comp. 

State retirement plan contributions increased July 1 

Employee and employer contribution rates for the following retirement plans changed on July 1, 2019, as approved by the State Legislature.  The PERS employer rate increased to 12.86% for PERS plan 3 and PERS JBM plans 1 and 3.  The new contribution amounts will be deducted from your second paycheck in July:  If you are paid every other Thursday, your new contribution will appear on your July 25 paycheck.  If you are paid on the 5th and 20th of the month, your new contribution will appear on your July 19 paycheck.  If… Read More

Heartfelt congrats to 2019 Bridge Fellowship graduates 

This year, 27 employees King County employees graduated from the Bridge Fellowship at a ceremony in downtown Seattle. The Bridge Fellowship is a 20-week, intensive professional development program that provides opportunities for employee development and advancement.   Watch this short video that celebrates this year’s graduates. For more information about the graduation, read this recent article. Learn about the Bridge Fellowship at  

Final opportunity! Applications open for Professional Development Scholarships  

As a part of the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) and Investing In YOU, applications are now being accepted for Professional Development Scholarship Awards for training that occurs anytime between September 6, 2019 and December 31, 2019.  Scholarship awards are only available to King County employees who are represented by a union in the Coalition of Unions and who meet additional eligibility requirements.  Scholarships are intended to support employees in growing their careers at King County. This could include enhancing your knowledge and skills for your current job field; obtaining a professional certification, license, or pursuing a degree that is related… Read More

Karen Hamilton recognized as leader in sustainable purchasing 

Crossposted from DES Express  The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) has recognized King County’s Karen Hamilton for her significant leadership in executing and supporting sustainable purchasing initiatives for nearly 30 years. The Individual Leadership Award was presented May 22 at the Council’s annual summit in Portland, Oregon.  “Sustainable purchasing is a key element of our overall effort to reduce the impact we have on the environment,” said Dow Constantine, King County Executive. “SPLC is the authority in sustainable purchasing, making this award very meaningful. My congratulations to Karen Hamilton and her team… Read More