What the Trainings Told Us

Last week we wrapped up trainings preparing managers and supervisors to lead their groups in responding to survey results. 498 (let’s call it 500) managers and supervisors participated in this training and still more are taking it online. That’s an incredible grassroots force out there leading culture change by having conversations with their work groups about how to improve engagement in the county. Evaluations from the trainings (scores are out of 5 where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree) show that: People will be able to apply what they’ve learned (4.14) They… Read More

Hopes and Fears

November 30 we started trainings for managers and supervisors on action planning with their workgroups. In the course of the trainings we talk about people’s hopes for how these conversations will go and what will come out of them. There is a lot of hope from our people leaders that this will be the beginning of a new dynamic between managers and supervisors. I have been inspired by the hopes we have heard: This will be an opportunity to build trust with employees The action plan will have an impact Everyone will… Read More

Open Ended Questions

“Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers” One of the best tools for having robust discussions about engagement and action planning with work groups is a handful of open ended questions. A good open ended question will engage people in discussion and help you better grasp the state of engagement, what success looks like and the steps needed to get there. We give participants in our trainings space to brainstorm open ended questions they can use in their discussions with work groups and they’ve come up with some… Read More

And… We’re Off!

We revealed the 2015 Employee Survey Results today and now we’re embarking on an unprecedented effort to respond to the results. This is going to be exciting. For the first time ever, we’re responding at every level of the organization. That means that departments, divisions and work groups will each have action plans to address issues that came up in the survey. And at the countywide level Best Run Government Employees will respond to the survey results. This blog will follow our journey to address the results. I anticipate we will share successes and… Read More