Ideas from 9/15 Training

Top ideas from the 9/15 training:

  • Discuss w/team the goals of the survey and its ability to create change incrementally.
  • Schedule a time for work group to take the survey. Serve food and beverages
    • Paper survey – work site meeting time.
    • Online – outlook calendar meeting.
  • Be clear about using work time.

These were not the top scoring ideas from the training, but interesting enough to share:

  • Explain to the employee how important the survey is, share results from last year and the timeline of how involved the county is in gathering this data.
  • Set up kiosks/work stations in places where employees aren’t always on computers to allow electronic option.
  • Free puppy/kittens for each completed survey.
  • Personal testimony from the division leader on what he/she has changed as a results of last year’s survey.
  • Mobile survey bus with laptops and treats.
  • Medals for units with most participation – gold, silver, bronze.