Featured Job: Business Analyst

Application deadline: First screen date will be 3/18/14

Salary: $75,400.00 – $95,576.00 Annually

Department: Department of Natural Resources & Parks – Director’s Office

Description: This position will report to Department of Natural Resources and Park’s Chief Financial Officer as part of a team (including an existing Project/Program Manager IV and a Strategic Development Analyst, with administrative support from an Administrator II) which provides technical guidance and leadership to multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams within DNRP’s four diverse operating divisions. This team supports the DNRP divisions across a range of functions, including business planning, financial planning and management, performance measurement, space planning, records management, emergency preparedness coordination and other administrative areas. This position will use business process improvement tools and techniques in support of the DNRP divisions’ business planning efforts; and will also facilitate emergency preparedness coordination, and customer service enhancements across the divisions.

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