Metro Transit Operator helps Return Stolen Bike

InTransit_1401JanFeb[1]After Beth Gunn’s bicycle was stolen, she was astonished to see it heading toward her on the street—in the bike rack on the front of a D-Line bus. She stopped the bus and told the driver that her stolen bike was in his rack. That driver was Matt Leber (AKA VeloBusDriver), a fellow bike commuter and bike-transit blogger.

While they spoke, a couple of passengers left the bus through the rear doors. When Leber asked the remaining passengers who owned the bike on the front of the bus, no one answered. After Gunn provided a copy of her police report and a photo of her bike, a Metro supervisor allowed her to claim her property. For the full story of this happy reunion, see the Seattle Bike Blog.

Beth Gunn, left, celebrates the return of her stolen bike with Matt Leber (photo courtesy of Seattle Bike Blog).