WTD Staff Rescue Citizen in Amazing Emergency Response

On March 20, West Point wastewater treatment plant staff rescued a man who had climbed over the fence, fallen into the channel, and was carried downstream about 500 feet where the current pinned  him to equipment in the partially-treated wastewater where he was difficult to see. In an amazing twist of luck, Operator Darek Kenaston happened to see the man through a grate during his routine area check. Thankfully, the operations team pulled the man to safety and he was taken to the hospital and did not appear to be injured. The quick and professional response to this incident by WTD employees likely saved a life and prevented serious injury. WTD

“Incidents like this one highlight the importance of our safety and emergency response training,” says Pam Elardo, Wastewater Treatment Division Director. “This gentleman is very lucky to be alive, and we are grateful to have extraordinary staff that were able to respond to this extreme situation. I am amazed and impressed with our staff’s ability to pull together and act so effectively in a crisis. They performed exceptionally.”