Transit Operator honored for response to windshield smash

InTransit_1403MayJun2On March 19, while Metro Transit Operator George Armstrong was driving Route 550 eastbound on I-90, a large pipe smashed into the windshield of his bus, sending glass fragments into his face and eyes.

According to one of his passengers, “bleeding and battling the wind now coming through the broken windshield, he was able to slow the bus and pull it over safely,” while remaining calm and professional.

At an April 9 ceremony at East Base honoring Armstrong with a Metro Hero Award, East Campus Superintendent Kenneth Johnston praised the operator for his courage. “In spite of numerous cuts from glass flying into his face and eyes, he got back into the driver’s seat the following day,” Johnston said. InTransit_1403MayJun1

Armstrong simply said, “I take pride in being a transit operator, part of which is to provide a safe and smooth ride for customers. That was at the forefront of my mind that day.”

(Excerpted from Metro Transit’s In Transit newsletter).