PAO’s Annual Food Frenzy Drive Raises $11,600 for Food Lifeline

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PAO) completed its annual two-week fundraising project in July called Food Frenzy, which raised $11,600 for Food Lifeline which equals last year’s total. The money will provide 46,400 meals for hungry children. Food Frenzy is a “friendly” competition between law, accounting and engineering firms with the goal of feeding children during the summer months when food bank shelves aren’t well stocked and school lunch programs aren’t running.

The PAO again won the competition in the Public Sector category for 2014 and has won in that category for the past nine years.

Employees participate in many fundraising projects including cooking & bake sales, softball and bowling tournaments, a pie baking contest, a silent auction for gift baskets, a spaghetti luncheon, raffles and Dress Down for a Cause. The Food Frenzy competition fielded a new event this year, a dunk tank event called “Make a Splash to Fight Hunger.” Employees could vote for co-workers and have them dunked into a lot of cold water.

Dan Satterberg

Photos: Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg was dunked several times in the Dunk Tank Competition. After a couple of missed throws, Roni Krafft Mashita of the PAO’s Civil Division walked up and pressed the dunk button, sending Dan into the water.

Contestants paid $2 per throw, and if the ball hit the target, someone got dunked into 500 gallons of cold water, all for a good cause.

The money raised during Food Frenzy fills an important need in the community. There are 472,000 kids in Washington who are on free and reduced lunches. Of that, only 46,000 kids are getting food this summer, and Food Lifeline is changing this by bringing food to programs where kids in need live, learn and play during the summertime. Utilizing strategic resources, including food that otherwise goes to waste (the “grocery rescue” program has rescued 93,301,039 pounds since 2002). Food Lifeline’s reach is vast, from Lynden to Longview and from Aberdeen to Monroe, and just about every city, town and neighborhood in between.

The PAO has won the Public Sector Division for the last nine years, this year with the help of the following volunteers and organizers: Kristen Anderson, Rich Anderson, Suzanne Anderson, Cristy Craig, Val Epperson, Dan Fernandez, Taryn Jones, Michelle Larson, Jennifer Merkel, Stacy Moser, Heidi Parkington, Diana Parra, Shannon Raymond, Sam Schuh, Lynn Sellick-Lane, Stephanie Trollen, Deb Valle, Ann Westberg, Carol Williams and coordinator, Amy Montgomery.  PAO sections and work groups come up with their own fundraisers and events. There are also opportunities to volunteer at one of the Food Lifeline sites. Visit for more information.

PAO bowling2

Above: A bowling tournament fundraiser for Food Frenzy sponsored by the PAO’s Domestic Violence Unit.

Article originally appeared in The Prosecutor’s Post, Vol. 7, Issue 6.