Get matching funds for your Giving Drive events

The Employee Giving Program is getting healthier this year.

Health Match, created in partnership with Healthy Incentives, rewards those who host healthy events during the Annual Giving Drive. Health-Match-Badge2014

The two award-winning programs put their heads together to create something that has possibly never been done before in the public sector.

The program promotes healthy EGP events by offering a match pool, where every dollar raised during the event will be stretched. Now, those who host healthy events for the Employee Giving Drive have a reason to host “health approved” events — free money to donate.

Sometimes during fundraising events, it’s easy to fall into the bake sale rut.

“We sat down and we said, ‘How can we fix this problem?’ We thought of incentivizing it,” said Junelle Kroontje, the Employee Giving Program (EGP) Administrator.

The idea came about after the Healthy Incentives team expressed interest to Kroontje on strategizing about promoting healthy events during the drive.

“It was a true collaboration,” Kroontje said.

Since it’s illegal to gift public funds, offering a matching pool as a financial incentive to raise money seemed unrealistic. However, with EGP’s authorization in King County Code to solicit private funds, they were able to build a match pool from private donors.

The starting match pool amount came from an award Healthy Incentives received from Harvard Innovations. From there, the pool grew to $20,500.

Gold sponsors to the matching pool are Group Health, Regence and Harvard Innovations, silver donors are Aetna and Delta Dental, and the bronze donor is Get a Flu Shot. So, if the combined amount of healthy events raise $40,000, then each dollar raised will be matched by 50 cents.

For an event to qualify as a Healthy Event, the event host must fill out a submission form on the Health Match page. Within two business days of the submission, Healthy Incentives will respond.  

Examples of some healthy events include walkathons, game shows, book fairs, plant sales or vegetables and fruit sales. Those wanting to host a healthy event are encouraged to get creative!

“We can’t wait to see what creative innovations come out of this” Kroontje said.

To submit a healthy event, click here.