Kudos! Detective Edward Christian and Deputy Michael Cavell, King County Sheriff’s Office

A huge thank you to Detective Christian and Deputy Michael Cavell for their concern and prompt response when my cell phone was stolen at Century Link event center before the WSU game on August 28th. These two gentleman jumped right in to help me, and actually figured out who the thief was by doing a quick, intelligent investigation on the spot. Within 90 minutes, they were able to identify the thief, confront her and arrest her; and I got my phone back that evening… Deputy Cavell and Detective Christian… went above and beyond to locate the thief (it was a woman who worked at the event center) and make sure it was returned to me in time to make it to the airport and return to Spokane that evening.  All I can say is THANK YOU!  Without Detective Christian and Deputy Cavell, I would have lost a $600 iPhone and this thief would continue to burglarize people at the event center.  I am so grateful for their willingness to get involved and their intelligence to figure it out. Thank you to the King County Sheriff’s Department–your employees are the BEST! 

– Kelly S