Kudos! Margaret Thompson, Printing Production Specialist/Technician

Margaret Thompson is a Customer Service Hero because customer service is her primary focus even though she is “behind the scenes”. She understands that what she produces in the Print Shop helps other county agencies accomplish their mission of promoting the programs and services King County delivers. Margaret goes above and beyond the norm by immediately contacting her customers when she finds a discrepancy in the work order request. Her patience and dedication to create the best products are displayed when she helps the customer resolve issues associated with their work order requests. Once those issues are resolved, she ensures that the work order is completed and delivered in a timely manner that often exceeds the customer’s expectation. 

Margaret’s leadership style provides the foundation of an inclusive and productive working environment at the Print Shop. She consistently welcomes rotating light duty personnel into the Print Shop. Her actions support King County’s Strategic Plan of maintaining a quality workforce because she empowers everyone to be efficient, effective, and productive. Margaret explains and demonstrates how to safely operate the equipment in the Print Shop before assigning jobs to light duty personnel. She always makes sure they know how to operate the equipment and are comfortable with handling it. By empowering light duty personnel assigned to the Print Shop to be efficient, effective, and productive employees, Margaret creates effective partnerships with other agency workforces. These effective partnerships help to develop and retain quality employees to ensure continuity of government – Dave Preugschat, Facilities Management Division.