Bus driver is also a professional French-hornist

You wouldn’t think that being a bus driver and orchestral musician necessarily go hand-in-hand, but a new Metro Transit recruitment campaign is highlighting what’s different about its jobs by highlighting what’s different about its drivers.

The new recruitment campaign highlights the pay and flexibility of driving part time for Metro, while unmasking the secret identities of its drivers. The videos focus on these drivers, allowing them to tell their story and why they are proud to be King County Metro bus drivers.

In this installment of the campaign, a video called Metro Secret Identity: the Musician spotlights Carey, a part-time driver. After work, Carey is a professional orchestral French-hornist.

“The city is a symphony and reading the road is like reading music. You need to be watching and listening and keeping a steady motion. It kind of makes driving a bus an art form.”

Watch the video here or learn more about driving for Metro here.