Fun Fest teaches teamwork, cooperation and more to detained youth

Fun FestAs part of King County Juneteenth celebrations, King County Juvenile Detention threw a Fun Fest for youth detained in the facility. For the youth, it was an opportunity to expand their learning during the break between school sessions. For those volunteering, it was opportunity to teach young people different life lessons.

Spanning three days, Fun Fest offered three different programs for youth to participate in, picking one that interested them. The most popular was the Football Camp, which taught the youth the importance of teamwork and trust as well as football fundamentals. Another program, Mind, Body & Soul Workshop, included a range of activities from crafting signs reflecting positive, inspiring thoughts challenged participants to making smoothies from fruits and vegetables and learning about nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The final program, Play to Win, had the young participants learning to play games such as Monopoly, Bunco, Bingo, and Charades. Like the Football Camp, Play to Win stressed cooperation and teamwork.

“We wanted to give the youth the opportunity to engage in learning during the school break,” Lisa Hymes-Davis, Juvenile Detention Supervisor, said. “We wanted them to have fun, but learn valuable lessons at the same time. Some of them don’t have the opportunity to learn about nutrition or positive teamwork.”

Fun Fest was about building relationships, Hymes-Davis said. A survey of participants after Fun Fest found that many of the youth enjoyed being able to meet new people and wanted more similar activities in the future.

“We hope to be able to add more programs and activities in the future,” Hymes-Davis said.