How Metro Transit helped employees make leap from driver to chief

Helping employees grow in their King County careers is a key objective of the Best-Run Government: Employees initiative and Metro Transit recently piloted an intensive program to help employees make the leap from bus operator to base chief.

Transit’s Human Resources group built a process that recognized the skills of existing employees and helped them highlight their skills in the recruitment process.

“We were understanding that we had a very well-qualified, diverse, talented pool of employees,” said Susan Eddy, Human Resources Service Deliver Manager with Metro Transit. “However when you took a look at those employees, resume writing has changed over the course of the years, interviewing skills have changed over the course of the years, and these employees have been dedicated to their job tasks not necessarily dedicated to padding their resumes.”

Transit HR worked with resources across the County to provide potential applicants for one of seven Base Chief positions with support such as resume writing and interview skills.

Watch this short video to learn more about the process and meet one of the successful candidates.