Web Advertising on the Assessor’s Website

The King County Assessor will begin testing the viability of web advertising on the Department’s website this week. This Pilot Project for web advertising was approved during the 2015/2016 budget process and is aimed at testing the revenue generating potential of web ads on the Assessor’s website.

Web ad security is a priority for this pilot, and a strong security protocol has been put in place to ensure that the ads are not vehicles for malware or viruses. In addition, the content of the ads will be focused on consumer services and must adhere to pre-approved content guidelines.

The web ads are being provided by a vendor that specializes in advertising on government web sites, and has successfully provided web advertising for a number of government agencies around the country, including the Washington State Department of Transportation, the Cook County Assessor, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

An important element of this pilot is to gather public feedback and to make sure the advertising does not interfere with the viewing or navigation of the Assessor’s website. If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to send them to: web.ads@kingcounty.gov.