Skype for Business for Interviews

Recently, KCIT Leadership team members successfully used Skype for Business to conduct the first round of interviews for the Deputy Chief Information Officer position. Highly qualified resumes came in from across the U.S.

Alex Jacobson

Alex Jacobson, KCIT Human Resources Associate used Skype for Business to conduct interviews.

“We scored the resumes but Chief Information Officer Bill Kehoe said the ability to communicate was really important and we didn’t exactly have budget to fly in folks from around the country,” said Alex Jacobson, KCIT Human Resources Associate. Enter Skype for Business.

Each candidate had a 30 minute Skype interview with a presentation. “It took a lot of coordination on our end and troubleshooting on the candidate’s end, but we worked out the bugs and made the entire process more personal,” said Jacobson “It really leveled the playing field, giving us access to the best candidates in the fairest possible way.”

Alex said it also saves money. “When you have this high level panel interview, you have to be mindful of panelists’ time and schedule. That is an expense in itself. We conducted all the interviews quickly and efficiently. Everyone was pleased with the process – especially the candidates. And it yielded some real surprises, that’s all I can say!”

Now that Alex is the expert in Skype for Business panel interviews, don’t hesitate to call him for help setting up Skype for Business for your next round of interviews.