2016 Special Election ballots mailed out

CfYnEP4UMAAfRq-The Elections Department has mailed ballots for the April 26, 2016 Special Election to all registered King County voters. Only certain jurisdictions are participating in this month’s election so not everyone will receive a ballot. For a detailed list of what is on the ballot, please visit the King County Elections website.

The May Presidential Primary Election ballots will be mailed on May 4.

Please remember: Do not use interoffice mail service to return a ballot.  Also, do not return ballots to the Voter Registration Annex. 

The April election day deadline is April 26 and the May election deadline is May 24. You may vote as soon as you receive your ballot. If you should have received a ballot for the April election but have not contact Elections at 206-296-VOTE (8683).

How to return your ballot:

Voting tips: 

  • Read the ballot instructions before voting
  • Use a black ink pen to fill out the ballot
  • Tear the stub off of the top of the ballot and recycle it
  • Sign the voter’s declaration on the back of the envelope
  • Return your ballot early so there is enough time to correct any issues that may be associated with your signature

Questions?  Call the Voter Hotline at 206-296-VOTE (8683).