KCIT wants to share Earth Day kudos with DNRP!

CRMWhen it comes to Earth Day, move over Department of Natural Resources and Parks and shine a little green glory on KC Information Technology (KCIT)!

While it’s true we don’t clean water, recycle asphalt shingles or plant trees, our paperless programs (SharePoint, CRM, paperless paychecks) can save a forest! Yep, KCIT is helping green the entire county with new processes, technologies and applications.

Other ways we’re green include:

Laptops: Laptops use 25 percent less energy than a standard desktop. Currently 37 percent of county employees use a laptop. Our goal is 80 percent in three years.

Skype for Business: This application replaces the in-person meeting (no driving from Renton to Seattle!) and is seamless with conference call technology coupled with screen sharing, call forwarding and document storage.

Cloud storage: This can’t be overlooked. Cloud storage and virtual servers take the data out of old, energy-hogging data centers and increase the speed and consistency for information and data recall.

Eco-packing: Because KCIT works as a unit for the entire county, we buy in bulk and receive lots of laptops in one big eco-package.

GIS teams: GIS teams create amazing maps with so much data, it takes a simple mouse click to see and access the information you need to do your work. That means no driving to multiple locations to see physical space.

Applications: many of our applications on county websites allow King County residents to conduct county business from home, local libraries and community centers and that reduces CO2 through reduced driving.

Happy Earth Day from KCIT!