Yesler Bridge Rehabilitation Project: Reminder! Yesler Way Bridge to close for construction starting May 23

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will begin construction to rehabilitate the Yesler Way Bridge, located at the intersection of Yesler Way and Terrace St. over 4th Ave S. Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as May 23 and expected to last through fall 2017. 

As a result of this project, some transit routes may be affected during construction, including KC Metro routes: 27, 111, 114, 212, 214, 216, 217, 218, 219, 252, 257, 268, 304, 308, 311, 312, 355; Sound Transit routes: 510, 511, 512, 513, 554, 590, 594, 595; Community Transit routes: 402, 405, 410, 412, 413, 415, 416, 417, 421, 422, 424, 425, 435. Some additional bus stops will be temporarily relocated.

Additional street closures will also result from the Yesler Bridge Rehabilitation Project during construction: Yesler Way will be closed in both directions between 3rd Ave and midway between 5th Ave and 6th Ave. Terrace St will be closed to through traffic, open to local access. 4th Ave will have ongoing lane closures and occasional full nighttime and weekend closures. Sidewalks on either side of 4th Ave will have alternating closures.

To learn more about the Yesler Bridge Rehabilitation project, visit SDOT’s Project Page. For more information view the SDOT Project Fact Sheet (contains re-route map).

The Yesler Way Bridge Rehabilitation Project, which will improve safety and reliability while preserving the bridge’s historical elements, will continue through fall of 2017. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project further, please contact Yesler­ or 206-684-8684. To learn more about the project, visit the project website.