What I learned about leadership driving a bus

barbara-pastoresCrossposted from the Expanding the Narrative blog

My story begins on a Saturday morning in early March.  It was one of those beautiful spring days and I was on a bike ride with my friend Bonnie on the Cedar River Trail.  I had recently finished my immersion role with the King County Facilities Management Division as part of the King County Bridges Fellowship program to develop leaders. So I was thinking about leadership stuff when I heard a loud splash.

I slowed down and Bonnie caught up to me, smiled and said “Did you see the beaver?”

I said “NO! Dang it I have always wanted to see a beaver!”

And that’s when I had my first “bucket list flash alert” of “I am 55 years old and I may well go to my grave with the only image of a beaver in my mind being that from Narnia!”

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