Kudos! Linda Nelsen wins Customer Service Hero award for exceptional service


Pictured left to right: Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett, Linda Nelsen and Customer Service Director Natasha Jones

Linda Nelsen in the Department of Executive Services Finance and Business Operations Division recently received “Customer Service Hero” recognition for going above and beyond in providing excellent customer service to County Customers. Linda exemplifies our commitment to providing proactive, “no wrong door” service to customers.

As a Business and Finance Officer in Treasury Operations, Linda works to provide great service day in and day out to customers. But recently, a customer wrote about the extraordinary help Linda provided with challenges he had after purchasing an historic cabin from the federal government on Snoqualmie Pass last year.

The sale and transfer of deed for the property went fairly smoothly, until the customer realized that the paperwork incorrectly listed him – not the federal agency – as being responsible for unpaid taxes and fees on the land going back to 2011! As a result, the customer received a letter of foreclosure on the property.

Linda and her coworkers in the Treasury Services unit.

Linda and her coworkers in the Treasury Services unit.

After being bounced from one state and local department to another while looking for help, and receiving different guidance each time, he reached Linda Nelsen. She took the time to research the documents and unravel the incorrect paper trail to get the federal agency correctly listed, while also helping the customer recover overdue fees he had paid on the property to prevent foreclosure.

As the customer wrote, “Untangling this mess was a monumental task…Without the help of Linda Nelsen, I was considering hiring an attorney to help. Needless to say, this would have been very costly and emotionally very difficult. Thanks to Linda Nelsen and her expertise and sense of duty, this issue has been resolved. This is an example of exemplary service and dedication.”

As Deputy County Executive Fred Jarrett and Customer Service Director Natasha Jones presented her with a Customer Service Hero certificate, Linda was quick to thank and acknowledge all of her co-workers in the Treasury Services unit: “We all help customers with complicated problems like this all the time. I just happened to help someone who wrote back to say thank you. But everyone here has given similar help and they’re customer service heroes too!”

On behalf of King County, we commend Linda for her professionalism and solution-oriented approach, and for being a true customer service hero.