King County Elections blog: We’ve got a new look!

brand-launch-twitterCrossposted from KC Elections

You may have noticed our new look that not only includes this new blog (welcome!) but also our social media profiles and the Primary Election ballot you’ll receive in July.

Why the change? From Elections Director Julie Wise, “When I took office this January, one of my goals was to re-brand King County Elections so that we are better able to connect with our widely diverse population of voters. I wanted a simple, fresh look that would resonate with all of our communities, regardless of what age they are, what language they speak, or where they live.”

We decided to focus on the word “vote” because it is a powerful, enduring concept that translates well in many different languages. We selected blue and red as primary colors and purple and green as secondary colors. Collectively, the vote image and colors communicate enthusiasm, democracy, pride, dedication and the power of your voice. We’d love to know what you think!

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