Six tips for celebrating PRIDE on June 26

Seattle PRIDE Parade is this Sunday, and this is our second year participating as One King County. Here are some tips for enjoying the holiday that this region celebrates best.

  1. Dress the part. When it comes to PRIDE, anything goes. Make sure you can stay cool and protected from the sun, and remember, the more skin you’re showing, the more sunscreen you’ll need.
  2. Remember the reason for the season. PRIDE is a positive stance against discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Supportive allies are welcome.
  3. Do a little dance. There is no better place than PRIDE to shake your tail feathers. If you’re the silent, standing-around type that’s okay too!
  4. Be smart about swag. If you have treats to give away, don’t share them all at once. The parade is about a mile long, so spread the wealth.
  5. Bring your family and your pets. Dogs, grandmas, kids and friends are welcome at the parade, but make sure they are safe! If grandma bites, it might be best to leave her at home.
  6. Expect the unexpected. At PRIDE, all bets are off. Be prepared for all kinds of colorful, flashy items: skin, sequins, public displays of affection, bicycles, flags, Madonna music, glitter and tassels.

We can’t wait to see you there! King County will have a giant bus. If you are joining our group, meet us on Sunday at 10 a.m. on Fourth Avenue between University and Seneca. The first 200 people will get a shirt, but you’ll want to get there early to secure sizes. We will have water, granola bars and sunscreen, and if you’re tired you can hitch a ride on our parade bus.