Featured Job: CD Involuntary Commitment Specialist

Closing Date/Time: Fri. 07/08/16 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $62,025.60 – $78,624.00 Annually

Job Type: Career Service, Full Time, 40 hrs/week

Location: Chinook Building – 401 5th Ave, Seattle, Washington

Department: Department of Community & Human Services

Description: The Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) provides equitable opportunities for people to be healthy, happy, self-reliant and connected to community.

Provide prompt response to persons believed to have substance use disorders and to be of danger to themselves or others and/or who are gravely disabled with the goal of stabilizing the crisis and/or performing investigation for involuntary treatment under RCW 70.96A.140 and to coordinate the cases through the legal system.

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