Keep it fresh! Reducing waste and keeping food fresher longer

With the farmer’s markets season in full swing, King County’s Solid Waste Division offers several tips on how to smartly store food, reducing waste and keeping items fresher longer.

The food items wasted most are fresh vegetables and fruit. This is typically because we have bought too much or didn’t use it in time. By storing fruits and vegetables for maximum freshness, they will taste better and last longer, helping you eat more of them before they spoil.

When buying, choose fresh foods that freeze well if there’s a chance you won’t get around to eating them in time. The length of time that food will last depends on how fresh it was when you bought it. Local, in-season produce will last much longer than produce that has been shipped a long way.

Learn where to store all the fruits and vegetables to keep them fresher longer. Download this handy Fruit and Vegetable Storage Guide (PDF)  for more information. Many fruits give off natural gases as they ripen that make other produce spoil faster. Separate fruit that is very ripe from others that are not as ripe.

For more information, tips and even use-by guidelines visit the King County Smart Storage page.