Wastewater Treatment Division: From intern to process analyst

As shared from the DNRP WTD Watermark Newsletter

Jessica Tanumihardja recently joined West Point [treatment plant] as the newest process analyst. Prior to WTD, Jessica was an engineer-in-training at Northwest Water Systems and earned her graduate degree in environmental engineering from the University of Washington.

Jessica first learned about WTD by meeting HR staff at a college job fair. “They were really nice and friendly so I applied for an internship  in project management.” Jessica worked with Project Manager Erica Jacobs and others during her internship.

After graduating, Jessica received emails about King County jobs. “I saw a post for a process analyst,” said Jessica. “I had such a good experience during my internship, and really liked the people and work environment, so I applied. I also felt comfortable because I already knew some of the systems!”

Read more about Jessica’s journey from intern to King County employee in the latest issue of the Watermark newsletter (PDF), which also features articles on water education, transferring knowledge and celebrating 50 years of the West Point treatment plant.