Tech Tip: Basic intro to OneDrive and cloud storage access

OneDriveEveryone talks about “The Cloud” – where internet users can store files and access them from anywhere. Did you know King County employees have the exact same application available to them through Office 365? It’s easy to navigate and use.

OneDrive is a great tool for uploading files to share with others (including photos), give others permission to edit and work on files at the same time, and get to your files from anywhere, on your computer, tablet or phone. Essentially, it’s an online locker that allows you to back up and share you digital files, while offering you easy access. You can also create unique sharing terms and more with work team members, just like you can in Google Drive.

You can access Office 365 by signing in with your King County email address to SharePoint at Once you’re logged in, if you click on the grid in the top left corner the list of available apps for King County employees will appear. Click on OneDrive, with a little cloud icon, to open your personal OneDrive folder. If needed, this short tutorial explains how it works and walks you through setting up documents or folders to share with others.