KC Connects interview with King County Sheriff John Urquhart

Sheriff Urquhart talks with host Enrique Cerna about building bridges to communities of color. He speaks about protecting the public, the need for collaboration between law enforcement and the community, and the impact of the recent shootings in Dallas, TX, Minnesota and Baton Rouge, LA.

Interviewer Enrique Cerna gets to the heart of the Sheriff’s emotions about building trust, listening and better serving the community through diverse hiring.

“There is an expectation, the community expects us to keep them safe, and we expect and work to keep them safe. The problem that we have is the lack of trust in the community… but that’s not their problem. That’s not their challenge. That’s my challenge. That’s my challenge, to build that trust with those communities. We are trying to do that, and frankly I think we’re doing a good job of working in that direction but we’re not there yet.”

View the entire interview below.

KC Connect- Sheriff Urquhart